A time for new traditions.

Whilst others were gathering with their families last night and filling themselves with as much delicious food as possible, I prepared leftover homemade lasagna and anxiously awaited the start of a new tradition. Though I am sad we are unable to get together with my family this Thanksgiving, I am excited to kick-off our countdown to Christmas. We won’t be here for Christmas, so we decided to count down until the day we leave, just so happened that we started on Thanksgiving!

Advent calendars are a tradition in Tyler’s family, they always got the ones with the chocolate inside. My family’s advent calendar was a cloth calendar with pockets on each date, and we moved a little stuffed mouse from pocket to pocket, day by day. This year I have taken a little bit from each family’s tradition, added a little pinch of Liz and… voila!

advent-ually i'll get a better camera

I’ve decided to fill each cloth pouch with a variety of chocolates, candies and other holiday items. Let’s be honest, if I fill them all up with chocolate I’ll just eat them when I get a craving, it’s just too dangerous. They’re nice and big, so if I want to put an ornament in one, it’ll fit.  I put a cookie cutter in one too, with a note to make cookies that day.

I know, it’s lame. I thrive on this stuff though. Took me a day and a half to make them, and cost about $4, which isn’t too shabby. I love the fabrics, I’m embarrassed my camera is so horrible but you get the general idea. So that’s that!

Let the tradition begin!


Now what do you think about that?

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