‘I do’… it myself.

Mawwage is what bwwings us togetha today.

A dwweam, within a dwweam.
And wuv, twuuue wuv...”

Bonus point to those who know what movie that’s from, it’s an easy one though, so you don’t get too many bonus points. Yes, I am getting married. Yes, our entire wedding budget is equal to the budget some women have for their dress alone. Yes, I am doing it all myself.
Weddings mean different things to different people. To us, it’s about celebrating us, our love (cheesy), and our hopes for a fantastic future together. Or- one hell of a great party with everyone we love there with us. It’s not going to be traditional, it’s not going to be a big fancy ball with expensive everythings and flowers that cost more than our monthy rent. It’s also not going to be a crazy hillbilly free-for-all that just looks trashy.

There’s a way to keep it cheap and still make it classy ladies and gents, and I’m here to prove that.

When I say I’m doing it all myself, I mean I’m doing it all… by myself. Lately I’m working on the decorations- all of the things I can make before hand. I’ve gotten a lot done so far and I must say I am quite proud of myself. My next step is making my invitations, which I already have prototypes for. (Yeah, I did make prototypes. No, I don’t care how corny that sounds- a bride prepares.) One of the things I am most proud of is our Save the Dates. I made “Save the Weekend”s instead, since we’re making a weekend out of the event (yes, we can make a weekend out of it and still remain in budget, it’s possible kids).

I wanted a picture for our Save the Dates, I saw a picture online that a mom took of her kids’ shadows. The kids were holding up signs and in the shadows, you could read the message. I thought it was genius, and pretty unique. So I made my own signs with poster board ( cardboard would be better, just because it’s stiffer, but cutting letters out of poster board is so much easier).

Hey- I know how crappy they look. The chalk is all messed up and I used sticks to keep them stiff, but it doesn’t matter, you’re not taking a picture of the signs- it’s the shadows that you need. Well, that and the sun. It took us forever to finally take these, every time we had guests over it was too cloudy. So this beautiful sunny day I made a make-shift tripod and we took the pictures on our crappy camera. After a few failed attempts…

We finally got a winner… except for the stupid rug in the back that I forgot to move before taking these- you can imagine my fury.

Thankfully, a friend of ours is a whiz with Photoshop (thanks again Bruce!!). A few tweaks to the color, remove the rug, add some text and…

It’s not the most beautiful Save the Date ever made, but it is my own. I pasted it to some board, added a bit of lace and a magnet on the back… not too shabby, and not too expensive either. Honestly. the stamps to send them cost more than the materials to make each one. It’s something I’m proud to say I did myself, and I will treasure it always. Plus- it was fun!

                     Thrifty and nifty!


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