Winter Wonder-deeeeamn

No, that is not a typo.
That is my new substitute for damn.

As in:

“Deeeeaamn girl, I wanna take you out for some barbeque.”


“Deeeeaamn boy, that’s a lot of snow out there.”

Which is what I said to Tyler last week when we woke up and saw this:

deeeeaamn snow, you be fallin'

This snowfall isn’t too crazy with it being the end of November/beginning of December and all. I did find it funny though, for two reasons:

1. It rained the day before (like poured- all day), and although I had a few groceries I needed to get I said to myself “No one likes going out and carrying groceries through the rain, I’ll just wait and get everything tomorrow.” ( I thought I was so smart)

2. The forecast called for “Some snow, with no significant accumulation.”

No significant accumulation?

Okay, so it’s not a foot of snow, but we got a good 2.5 inches. I know that for a fact because I went out and measured, whilst snapping these fine shots…

deeeaamn birds, you be chillin'
deeeaamn willows, you be weepin'
deeeaamn pond, you be freezin'
deeeaamn... i've got nothing for this one, just liked the picture















































So, we got our first real snowfall, which was pretty exciting, apart from the whole ‘now I have to scrape this crud off my car so I can get those deamn groceries’ thing. But can I really complain, when I have a nice fire crackling inside and I’m able to admire beautiful scenery as you’ve seen above?

Yes, yes I can.


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