A Nerdy Note…

The first of (possibly) many.

Something that you may not know about me is that I am both amazed and intimidated by astronomy. It blows my mind and freaks me out that there is so much out there that we have absolutely no idea about. However, there is a good chunk that we do know about, which brings me to my nerdy note for today.

The Good News
You may have heard there is a total lunar eclipse (or a total eclipse of the moon) in a few days, December 10th to be exact. I was very excited when I heard, little things like this make me happy. Yes, I was very excited indeed until I read…

The Bad News
The Eastern United States won’t be able to view it. Nuts! That’s the second one in a row we’ve missed, the last one was in June-which by the way was visible on pretty much every continent but ours.  There was one visible to us last December, that is if the sky wasn’t completely overcast, which it absolutely was. Don’t worry eastern states we only have to wait until April, 2014 to see the next total lunar eclipse. If you’re in the way western states/provinces, Asia or Australia then enjoy the show you jerks!

total eclipse of the heart- i mean... moon

The Other News
Did you hear that scientists have discovered a planet similar to Earth? It’s about twice the size and only (haha) 600 light years away!

A Little Something to Take With You
Here’s an article about the total lunar eclipse if you’re interested. It’s from Astronomy.com, which is a sweet site, but you can’t have full access to it unless you’re subscribed to the magazine.


As an added bonus I’ll throw in a little article about the planet similar to Earth…

I wasn’t the only one singing Total Eclipse of the Heart that whole time, was I?
Have a nice day!


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