“I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious…”
                                                                   Micheal Scott, The Office

I have been up to my neck in wedding invitations this week, I still feel the need to get a post out though. This one will be short and sweet sarcastic. A little word to all you DIY-ers out there: making your own invitations is hard! At least it is if your an obsessively anal crafter, like myself. By the time I’m done with them I’ll have spent upwards of forty hours on these puppies. Forty! That’s a full time job, but it includes everything-everything-planning, prepping, printing, pasting, polishing…p- that’s all I got. Here’s a tip I wish someone had told me, if you plan on making your own invitations/cards/whatever- invest in a paper cutter. Scissors just aren’t cutting it (ba-dum chhh). Seriously though, apparently I can’t cut a straight line if it’s drawn out for me and, “I’ve got blisters on me fingas!”.

property of Stormwerks Photography

All right, back to the matter at hand. As the wedding gets closer (still five months away but, hey- that’s closer than it was two months ago) I find myself worrying more and more about the weather. I realize it is the one thing that is completely out of my control, and I think that’s why it urks me so much. Yes, I know that this is one of the risks of holding an outdoor wedding, and yes, I do have a rainy day plan- but that doesn’t mean I want to use it! It’s true that rain can hook you up with some pretty nice pictures (see this lovely post-rain photograph taken by the fantabulous photographer Bruce- click the picture to check out his website!), but so can the sun.

I’ve had plenty of people tell me that it is good luck to have rain on your wedding day. Of course according to Alanis Morrsette- it’s ironic, but according to wedding day superstitions it means the marriage will last forever .  I can’t be the only one who thinks this is a load of bull.  You know why I think people say it’s good luck? Because nobody wants a ticked off bride! I don’t know who came up with this- but it was a smooth move on their part. I can just picture a bride starting to freak out about the rain and someone pulling out of their butt that it means good luck and ever-lasting love just to stop her from crying over something that’s out of everyone’s control. I believe this superstition just about as much as I believe that getting pooped on by a bird is good luck. You know why that’s good luck? Because you just got pooped on by a bird! Chances are that everything else that happens to you that day will be better than getting pooped on.

In all fairness, I did a little research and looked up some background information on these superstitions. In some cultures it is said that “A wet knot is harder to untie.”, in other cultures rain is considered a sign of fertility since rain develops and restores growth in crops. Alright, fair enough, I suppose I can buy into those. As for the bird droppings, I read that statistically your chances of getting pooped on by a bird are the same as your chances of winning the lottery.

I’ve been bird-pooped on three times in my life… looks like I should start playing the lottery.


Now what do you think about that?

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