Seize the Leap Day

“Real life is for March!”

So here we are, living a day that only comes around once every four years. I say, why not spend this one extra day doing something you’ve been meaning to do, or have always wanted to do? I know, easier said than done, but just because you’re doing something new doesn’t mean it has to be a huge life-changing moment. Sure, we’d all like to cross some big ones off of our bucket list but let’s be realistic, it’s a Wednesday afternoon, no marathon running or world traveling will be taking place today. Maybe you can plan for a life-changing event the next Leap Day that lands on a weekend (which happens to be Saturday, February 29, 2020), until then why not take it slow?

Try that new ice cream you saw at the store, redeem that home-made coupon that you got for a “Free Massage” ( Side note: In my lifetime, I’ve given out several of those coupon books… I don’t remember EVER being asked to redeem any! If I got a coupon book as a gift you best be believin’ that I’m redeemin’ every single one of those coupons! Free massage?? Heck yes! A coupon for someone else to do the dishes/cook dinner/vacuum? Why would you not use these?) …where was I? Ways to seize your Leap Day, right… make that new dish you saw in a magazine (or yummy cookie recipe you saw on a nice lady’s blog), wear those new shoes you bought, or buy that coat you’ve been eying. I’m seizing my day with a borderline-lazy schedule that includes watching a movie I’ve been dying to see (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2… don’t even get me started), making a type of sandwich I’ve never had (prosciutto) and being wedding-productive by mass-producing these little suckers all day…

isn't that cute

These little no-sew flowers are super-easy to make, and very diverse. Add it to a headband or belt, use them to spruce up a purse or clutch, or use them to decorate around the house, or at your wedding!  Here’s a little step-by-step if you’re interested in making them and would like to know how…

‘No-Sew’ Fabric Flower

Materials: fabric, scissors, glue*
*I use hot glue, you could use craft glue as well. The pro of craft glue is that you won’t burn your fingertips from the hot glue, the con is it will take longer to dry.

Step One: Cut fabric into a circle. The size of the circle will determine the size of the flower. These were approximately 9 inch circles that became 2.5-3 inch flowers.

nice and wrinkled

It doesn’t have to be a perfect circle, and it doesn’t matter if you cut it horribly (see photo). Don’t worry if the fabric is wrinkled, or if it frays when you cut it, all of these things will be unseen once the flower is made. Also- this can be made with just about any type of fabric, this is just an old cotton pillowcase. The thicker the fabric (fleece, felt), obviously the thicker and bigger the flower. The thinner and more delicate the fabric (silk, lace), the flimsier and smaller the flower.

Step Two: Cut the circle into a spiral.

nice and swirly

Again, doesn’t have to be perfect, do make sure you cut the strip of the spiral nice and thick though (at least an inch). This is necessary because you will be folding the strip over to give the “petals” a rounded edge, rather than a rough one.

Step Three: Start folding! I applied glue to the bottom of the strip and folded over the top, continue this around the entire strip.

now that wasn't so hard, was it

Step Four: Rrrrroll up the flower. Starting at the outside tip of the folded strip, begin to roll the strip inward toward the center of the spiral. Continue to roll (or wrap as you get further along) and add a dab of glue every half-inch or so to keep the form.

rollin', rollin', rollin' up a flower

Step Five: Secure the bottom. When you get to the bottom of the flower (which is the center of the spiral) you’ll notice there’s a nice little circle-type-thing left over. You can easily cover up the gross under-belly of the flower with this piece. Glue in several areas to hold it’s form.

no more underbelly

Step Six: Polish. Just pull away any glue-gun strings and cut any loose threads that may stick out of the bottom, and voila!



So, that’s what I’m doing today… times 30. How are you going to spend your Leap Day? If you’re in Texas, you should definitely be checking out the Leap Year Festival! I’ve never been, but if I was in Texas you know I’d be going. For more information and fun facts on Leap Day and the Leap Year Festival go here, or here.


"These hens are certainly having fun!"


















Love what you see as much as I do? Stay tuned for a Featured-Fellow-Budding-Bear!


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