Spruced up Boots

Spring is springing!

Alright, so technically Spring doesn’t arrive until March 20th, but the weather seems to think differently. I’m still banking one last blizzard for this month, so I’m trying not to get too excited about how beautiful it is outside. That being said the ‘spring cleaning-bug’ has both bit and inspired me to spruce up not only my blog’s look, but also my old rain boots!

Just your run-of-the-mill rubber rain boots. I had originally planned to just decorate these guys for St. Patrick’s Day like I did last year- super easy, just hot glued some fabric around the edges to make “cuffs”. The hot glue held the fabric to the boots really well, but I was still able to remove the fabric easily when the green cuffs and shamrocks were no longer appropriate. I had a stroke of genius today when I remembered I had acquired some Velcro a while back, so instead of hot-gluing the fabric to the boots, I lined the tips of my boots with the Velcro. Now I can make as many boot cuffs as I please and switch them out easily!

                                                       Sometimes it’s hard being so smart.

These no-sew cuffs, or newly dubbed “Boot Sprucers” are so simple to make I just have to share, and hopefully inspire you to do some sprucing yourself!

I started with two rectangular pieces of fabric, they were fitted and cut by wrapping the fabric around the boot and dropping it to the desired length. Make sure you leave yourself enough room to fold the edges over into the boot, and room to tidy up the edges of the fabric to prevent fraying. Fold over and glue (or sew! If I had a sewing machine I would’ve sewed these for sure) three of the edges (bottom and sides).

If you plan to just glue these bad-boys in your boots, you’re already halfway done!

Wrap the fabric around the boot and drop to desired length. Fold the fabric over into the boot. (If you’re not using Velcro then you can glue the ends of the fabric together, and glue the fabric to the inside of the boot, easy-peasy and donesy-onesy).

If you are using the Velcro, pin the folded over fabric where the Velcro is. You can now take the fabric out, lay it flat and apply the Velcro in the place you marked.

Once the Velcro is applied (you can do one long strip if you want, I didn’t have much Velcro so I used smaller pieces so I’d have enough to make more sprucers!), fold over and glue the last edge of the fabric (this wasn’t done earlier because I wanted to put the Velcro on first). Wrap it around the boot once more, fasten the Velcro and glue the ends together. I threw some buttons on there to add a little more ‘oomph’, I think they turned out alright…

Can you believe that’s all there is to them? I was so excited that they were so easy I made another pair of boot sprucers…

A couple of tips:
– if you are using buttons or other accents make sure you have the correct boot –
(you don’t want buttons on the side no one will see them)
– put a thick pair of socks inside the boots so they will hold their shape while you’re crafting –
– make sure the length of your sprucers are even all around the boot, and even with it’s partner –

Have fun, and Happy Almost-Spring!

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