Spring Things

It’s a photo-kinda-day.

It’s been a photo-kinda-week actually. I’ve taken great advantage of the mind-blowingly beautiful weather we’ve had the past few days by venturing out and working on the ol’ photography skills. So if you’re not into spring, or pictures of spring things, this post is not for you. The inspiration for these joy rides was brought on by these beautiful little surprises…






Spring is definitely my favorite season… along with summer… and fall. Spring is a time for regrowth, everything is budding and beautiful. The brightest of colors can spring up around what appears to be a dull barren wasteland, it makes me happy and gives me hope. We weren’t here last spring so I missed all of the early bloomers. Another beautiful surprise was this  budding magnolia tree!

As beautiful as that is, a more amazing thing was happening underneath the tree. I noticed this tulip leaf covered in ladybugs…

Suddenly I hear the sound of a leaf crunching, I look to my right and see a dried up leaf pulsating with dozens of ladybugs underneath it.

This happened several other times in several other spots around the tree. I would hear a leaf crunching, turn and see dozens of ladybugs spilling out. They would crawl around for a bit before finding a nice leaf to take flight off of.  It was pretty bizarre but amazing at the same time. If it were any other bug I would’ve been so grossed out, the pulsating was really weird.

So, as I said it’s a photo-kinda-day. The ladybug experience was definitely the highlight of my travels (and that happened in my own front yard!) but I saw some other beautiful things along the way. Here are a few of my favorite photographs separated into two very appropriate categories…


lots of these popping up in MildMay's park
yellow ones too
daffodils spring up from the dull ground
more spring treasures
green showing up everywhere
this picture is not blurry- this plant has huge fuzzy leaves... anyone know what it is?
some things weren't as green...
...but still showed signs of new life to come
cattails... nature's cotton candy
seriously... looks like cotton candy
tree after tree
moss on bark
pussy willow, I believe


keeping an eye out for the birds
keeping an eye out for the cat
mmmmm...that's some good tastin' grass
Why the long face?
he was a proud swan
two swans share this pond just south of MildMay
alright, last swan picture...
swans weren't the only birds i saw, this turkey vulture was just down the road
we've even had some visitors at our pond

This concludes the photo evidence that spring has actually sprung. I hope you are lucky enough to be able to see beautiful signs of it everywhere you go.

Happy Spring and Happy Friday!


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