Top this.

Good Ideas: I’m so full of them they’re coming out of my butt.

After a not-so-brief hiatus I have returned and Operation: Wedding Crackdown has begun. Time to think about all those little details that I’ve been putting off until now. I’ve been making lists and lists of every last item that I require to make this one not-so-little day go off with only a few minor hitches (look, I’d say it’ll go perfectly but lets be honest, no one is perfect, I am quite content expecting a few glitches to occur).

Being my own wedding planner has given me split personalities when it comes to making decisions. There’s the bride in me who says, “I better get everything I want and it better be done in a very specific way-or else“, and there’s a planner and budget-er in me who thinks, “Although you really want those tablecloths you know you can find a better deal and get some for a fraction of the cost!”. Because like many other brides I am on a budget, so saving $60 here, $80 there and $100 here- adds up and makes me happy in wallet. Not only that, but it allows me to spend a little bit more money in places I had budgeted a smaller amount for like flowers, accessories, or even an extra hour with the D.J.

One detail that I wasn’t even sure would make it into the wedding is a cake topper. We’re not really cake people, which translates into us not really being cupcake people either. So we knew right off the bat that cake was out and pie was in. A pro to not getting a cake is cost, of course. Wedding cakes…I don’t even know what to say, some people just spend a crazy amount on them and it blows my mind. Whether we wanted a cake or not, I am lucky enough to have a fabulous baker in the family (my sister). Because she is such a generous person and loves baking so much (or maybe she’s just a little crazy) she’s agreed to make us one million pies ( I told you the final guest-count went up from one hundred to one million right Katie?).  Yeah, she’s a great sister.

Back to the topper, because we weren’t having cake the topper wasn’t really something I thought about. Until I stumbled upon these on Pintrest…

Ugghh, those are so stinkin’ cute, right? I had to have one. I mean, come on- so cute, so crafty, so starting at $150… yikes. Please don’t get me wrong- these are located at Lollipop Workshop on Etsy (same place I found my dress, and same place my Fellow Budding Bear MayMay has her shop) and I am all for supporting small businesses and buying handmade items, but the Budget Nazi in me is about to go postal.

In order to prevent my multiple personalities from getting out of hand, resulting in my getting diagnosed for schizophrenia and being locked up, (This reminds me of a poem if I may; “Roses are red, Violets are blue, I’m a schizophrenic, And so am I.”) I came up with a good idea. My good idea was to copy this great idea that I had stumbled upon, I know… genius. May I remind you that imitation is the highest form of flattery, and if I could’ve I would’ve saved myself some time and bought from you, Lollipop Workhop. Alas, time is one thing I have, and money I don’t. So like a true copycat I set out to make my own clothespin cake pie toppers.

This, like many things, is a work in progress, the final presentation will be cleaned up so there’s no need to judge it based on the specks on the groom’s suit- okay Crazy Anal Bride Liz? Okay.

Not too shabby I think, a little shabby, but not too shabby.

I made out like a bandit with the cost too- $7 for the pins and the doll heads. I’m lucky enough to have a mom who sews on a daily basis so scavenging for fabric was a sinch. The markers used for the faces, hot glue (surprise, surprise) and other materials I already had on hand for other wedding things which is why I’m not including them in the cost. All in all, I saved at least $140 and had fun making it.

It’s impossible to compare to the pristine, polished and perfect pieces made by Lollipop Workshop, I know. Just looking at this picture now the Nit-Picking Crafter in me sees multiple errors that need cleaning up before the big day, but all in good time.

And saving $140? Can’t top that.


4 thoughts on “Top this.

  1. Elizabeth I don’t like these . . . . I love them, they are adorable and it is so good to finally know what Tyler looks like, I gotta show Walt, another job well done!

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