Another Nerdy Note . . .

The Eagle has landed.

On this day, 43 years ago the first humans landed and walked on the moon’s surface… or NASA spent millions of dollars faking it in a Hollywood studio. Although I’ve never doubted it’s truth, this could possibly be one of the biggest conspiracy theories of all time that is still debated over today (a debate that I would listen to over a religious one any day).

Super Moon (May 2012) Photo credit: Stormwerks Photography

I’m sure you’re not wondering why both of my Nerdy Notes (man, I’ve only had two?) have to do with the moon. Perhaps my odd interest in moons started at a very young age when I first thought it would be funny to pull down my pants during a family video taping session, and show everyone my moon. No, no, that doesn’t add up. Perhaps it’s because now, as an adult, the vast space outside of our own atmosphere scares the pants off of me (see what I did there?). Or maybe, in reality, it’s because I thought “I should write another Nerdy Note if I’m going to make it a thing” and the moon landing was the most interesting thing from this week in history that I could find… yeah, that’s probably why.

So, why is it so hard to believe that people walked on the moon? Is it because it’s just hard to fathom the fact that humans were able to travel 240,000 miles from Earth and broadcast their successes? Are all of the naysayers just Soviets who are pretty ticked off that they didn’t do it first? Maybe people just like to hear their own voices and like to argue for the sake of arguing? Hardcore non-believers have several reasons, some of which are straight-up denied in this article. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure The MythBusters did an episode on this as well.

Maybe I’m just an optimist, maybe I’d just like to believe that not all people are ignorant dummies and we really are capable of achieving amazing things in our lifetime, maybe I’m an ignorant dummy for wanting to believe that. Either way we can’t deny that this is a day that will forever be remembered in history, not just for the United States (take that former Soviet Union!) but for all humankind (okay, well that includes you too former Soviet Union).

another gem by Stormwerks Photography

So next time you’re out at night, take a look up into the sky and admire that crazy old rock that orbits our Earth, and marvel in the fact that people have stood on it and looked down at us from so far away. Or, if you’d rather, pants your friend and marvel in the fact that that’s still funny.

Either way you’ll be looking at a moon.


Now what do you think about that?

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