Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

Sweet, Summery Sangria Batman!

I stumbled upon and decided to take part in The Weekly Photo Challenge through The Daily Post, a blog through WordPress that encourages it’s bloggers to post on a weekly basis, or more intensely, on a daily basis. If you couldn’t figure it out by reading the title, The Weekly Photo Challenge provides you with a theme each week and it is your responsibility to take and post a picture within that theme. Why and how it took me until now to discover this, I do not know. However, I think it should make for an interesting year-round challenge and it will certainly be a good excuse (as well as good inspiration) to get up off of my butt and take some pictures!

This week’s theme is Purple.

Although this isn’t my most beautiful shot of something purple, it’s certainly the tastiest looking one, and a perfect treat for a hot summer day like today. Being the nice person that I am, I’ve also decided to share the wealth! No, that does not mean you cannot drink my sangria (I guess I’m not that nice after all, am I?),  but you can certainly make your own.

A Berry Delicious Rose Sangria
1 bottle of rose wine (doesn’t matter what kind, choose your favorite!)
1½ cups of club soda
¾ cup Triple Sec
1 peach, sliced
½ orange, sliced
½ lemon, sliced
As many fresh or frozen berries as your little heart desires!

Some notes:

  1. I originally put the entire orange and the entire lemon in the mix, but it was far too citrus-y for me, so I took about half of each out and saved them for batch #2.
  2. Let the sangria sit for a bit with the fruit in it before serving. This made the drink the darker purple that you see in the photo, rather than the light pink that rose wines have. It also made the sangria nice and sweet (but not too sweet) no need to add any sugar!
  3. It really doesn’t matter if you use fresh or frozen berries. Honestly, fresh is probably cheaper at this time of year. I used frozen and threw an extra bunch in before serving to keep it nice and cool.

No sangria was wasted in the making of this photograph.


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