Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

Here comes the sun…flower (do-doo-do-doo)

Surprisingly this week’s challenge was a bit more challenging for me, due to the fact that there are several things that I think of when I think of “growth”. I’m always growing (ahem…budding) as a person (or bear), photographer (though still amateur, I know), my family grew this year, as did the garden that I planted. I didn’t want to go for an easy-out of the obvious plant, child or animal… yet here we are.

A few weeks after I transplanted my container garden outside, I noticed two small seedlings growing that I had not planted. I knew right away that they were sunflowers, and I could tell because the seed was still attached to the cotyledon (first leaves). You can imagine my current annoyance with my past-self for not taking photographic evidence of my discovery. As exciting as it was to watch my planned garden grow, it’s been even more pleasing to watch this unexpected plant grow, I wish I could thank the little critter that planted it for me!

I’m a bit disappointed that this is as big as the picture would show, but if you click on it you’ll be able to get the full effect as intended.

I honestly had no idea if it would even survive in a container, and I became even more concerned after I transplanted it into a larger pot and ripped a good amount of it’s roots. I took the first picture in the top left corner about two and a half weeks ago when I first noticed the small bud, at that point it was about the size of a half-dollar. The second picture at the bottom right was taken last week, and the bud was the size of a large strawberry. The final, and largest photograph I snapped today and it’s about the size of my fist (keep in mind that I do have small hands). As you can see the yellow petals are starting to poke out and I’m no botanist but I predict it should be opening up very soon.

Needless to say I’ve been singing “Here Comes the Sun” (flower) all day…

And I say, it’s alright.

UPDATE! (updated August 9,2012)

I’m very excited about this flower and find it extremely appropriate that this was the week it decided to pop out! I wrote the original post on Tuesday but I’ve found the life cycle of this particular flower fascinating and just wanted to share more! So, following you will find more pictures I took yesterday (Wednesday) and today (Thursday). Enjoy!

Bright Afternoon- August 8, 2012


Rainy Morning- August 9, 2012


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