Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

Hot town, summer in the city.

What a coincidence it was that this week’s theme was given the first time this summer that we left our rural setting to visit an urban one. I would’ve had a pretty hard time otherwise.

Ah, Toronto. Spread over 641 kilometers (that’s 398.29 miles for all you non-metric folks), it is the home of roughly 2.7 million people (half of which were born outside of Canada- that is a serious fact, not a sarcastic remark), 1,600 parks, 185 new high-rises under construction and of course, the CN Tower. The extremely diverse city of Toronto has seven professional sports teams, ten museums, four universities, professional ballet and opera companies, 200 professional performing arts organizations, a zoo (which is the third largest in the world!) and is the host to around 750 festivals and events each year.

It’s also my future home.

Did you know that…

  • last year, the CN tower opened the “Edge Walk” attraction that allows participants to walk along the edge of the roof of the tower.
  • there is a restaurant at the top that makes a complete rotation every 72 minutes.
  • the glass floor in the observation deck was the first of it’s kind when it opened in 1994.
  • lightning strikes the CN Tower around 75 times a year.
  • a quarter of Canada’s population lives within a 160km (100 mile) radius of Toronto.
  • more people live in Toronto than the four Atlantic Provinces of Canada, combined.
  • there are over 100 different languages spoken throughout Toronto.
  • the public transit system is the second largest in North America (and they still use tiny tokens).

Facts from: here, here and here.

Because knowledge is power!


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

  1. Love it – my theme is similar. Toronto is our home away from home – we live just outside of the Toronto GTA – grew up in Toronto, in fact during my high school years when the last portion of the tower was being erected our school was chosen (among many) to go down and create art and graffiti and sign our names on the top portion.

  2. I love Toronto ~ I have family there, and 2 little nephews I have yet to meet!!! I REALLY need to get up there soon from way down in the Mid-Atlantic U.S.! Enjoy your new home adventure!… 🙂

  3. Thanks everyone! I’m so glad this photo was able to bring some Torontonians and Toronto-visitors together to share their feelings and memories on this cool city, can’t wait to make even more of my own.

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