Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

And a third Nerdy Note to boot!

This week’s challenge provided a wonderful opportunity for me to showcase my photograph taken a week and a half ago of the blue moon.

“But wait-“, you say,  “that moon is not blue…”

You’re right friend, it’s not.

Nerdy Note Time!

In fact, the term has absolutely nothing to do with color, so why it’s actually called that is very far beyond my knowledge. What I do know, is that a moon is called a “blue moon” if it is the second full moon occurring in one month. An uncommon occurrence that only happens every few years, hence the saying “once in a blue moon“. This is the blue moon of August, 2012. The last one occurred in December of 2009 and you’ll have to wait a while to catch the next one in July, 2015.

Some believe that a blue moon is a sign of good luck. That those who make plans under a blue moon will be pleased to see they come true, and those who are born under a blue moon are born with great potential.

Obviously I was born under an amazing golden moon which has only occurred once ever and means I’m a remarkable human being who will one day rule the world.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

  1. i like the last line, you wrote that you will rule the world oneday. Your believe in you brings you to a greater heights and then your birthday will resemble as the Golden day and sign of enormous successes. Superb picture by a beautiful photographer!

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