Holy Crêpe!

Good, and good for you!

…well kind of.  Maybe a bit healthier without the bacon and chocolate in it, that and the holy load of syrup and sugar I dumped on there. If I were you though, I’d just go with it.. I mean look at that picture. Look at it. Simple, delicious and all rolled up into one yummy package, this treat can be eaten for breakfast or dessert! We had them for breakfast the other morning which is how the bacon got thrown into the mix.

By the way: bacon and chocolate. Have you seen this popping up a lot? Like all over the freakin’ place? Bacon and Chocolate is a great mix, don’t get me wrong- my palate and I are huge fans of the salty/sweet combination. But, is chocolate covered bacon it the best thing I’ve ever had in my entire life? No, it’s a piece of bacon, covered in melted chocolate chips that cost me (haha okay, it cost Tyler) $6 at the freakin’ fair. With that being said, they still work great together and you can save yourself (or your man) the $6 and put bacon and chocolate together in a crêpe you make yourself!

If you’ve never had a crêpe before I’m sorry to tell you that you’re missing out friends. Crêpes look a lot like tortillas but are basically extremely large and thin pancakes.
Best. Explanation. Ever.

The in-crêpe-ible (see what I did there?) thing about crêpes is that you can put whatever the heck you want in them. Sweet crêpes, like the one pictured above, are best for breakfasts or desserts. You can also make savory crêpes, filled with meats, vegetables and cheeses for lunch or dinner.

Out of the blue side note: I just had a remarkable realization when I remembered that my favorite meal at an awesome, not-so-little breakfast joint in Canada (Cora’s) is the panini crêpe. Panini. Crêpe. The crêpe is filled with eggs, cheese and ham or bacon, it’s then wrapped up and pressed, panini style. Typically, the thought of this would make me sad, because there are no Cora’s around here and we’ve never had a panini press… until now (thanks A,C&K!!). How and why I didn’t think of this the other day when we were actually making the crêpes is beyond me, but it pleases me so to think that now I can make my own and I will. And I will share (the recipe, not my actual food- we’ve been over this, I’m not that nice).

Back to the crêpes at hand, because these were just as delish, a different type of delish (sweet vs. the savory of the panini crêpe….mmmmm panini crêpe…. focus Liz, focus.) but just as delish. Crêpes are quite simple to make. Traditionally, they are made with wheat or buckwheat flour, I went with a very basic recipe and just used regular old white flour.

Simple Crêpes

yields: 4 large crêpes
2 eggs
2 tbsp butter, melted
1 cup flour
½ cup milk
½ cup water
¼ tsp. salt

Mix the ingredients together in a bowl while you heat your skillet/frying pan. You’ll want a large pan to work with, the smaller you make the crêpes the less filling you can put in and it becomes difficult to close it up.  Lightly grease the skillet- LIGHTLY. I learned that one the hard way- greased it up too much and the first crêpe was… not up to par. Make sure the skillet is very hot before you pour your batter in, the batter should pretty much harden on contact. I used about a half of a cup of batter for each crepe. When you pour the batter in, immediately start swirling the batter around the pan so it moves out towards the edges and forms a very large, very thin pancake. I think the easiest way to spread it around is to just pick up the pan and tip it at different angles so the batter evenly coats the bottom of the pan.. Let it cook for about two minutes before flipping it and cooking for another two minutes.

Now you have your crêpes, but what will you fill them with?

Ahh, beautiful farm fresh summer berries. Doesn’t get much better than that (okay, maybe it does if you add chocolate and bacon to the mix). Don’t have berries? No worries, you can put pretty much anything in these bad boys. Nutella is a popular choice if you have it on hand, and bananas would be a fantastic fruit to throw in there as well. If we had cream cheese I would’ve put that on rather than the chocolate I think. Cream cheese, or any type of cream with berries is heavenly.

Prefer to make a more filling, savory breakfast? Scramble up some eggs with veggies and cheese of your choice, wrap in up in the crêpe almost like a breakfast burrito. Don’t you just love how I always give you so many options? I guess it’s pretty clear that I’m big on versatile foods.

A tip: If you are putting something that you want to melt on your crêpe, like chocolate or cheese, you may want to add these things to the crêpe during it’s last minute on the skillet. The cheese or chocolate will easily melt from the heat and you can add the rest of your filling, roll it up and eat it right away.

I had a ham, cheese and asparagus crêpe for dinner year and years ago- it was delightful. So what would you put in your crêpe? Are you in a sweet or savory kind of mood? Healthy or maybe not-so-healthy-I-just-want-delicious-food-in-my-mouth-now kind of mood?

The choice is yours friends, choose wisely.

Seriously though, you can’t lose on this one. They’re fantastic either way. Enjoy.


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