Weekly Photo Challenges: Silhouette and Foreign


For some reason last week I never submitted a photo for the challenge. Even though I had an old photo picked out I suppose I was hoping to go out and get a new shot to submit. That obviously never happened and it’s odd that the old photo I had previously selected was taken during my last trip to New York City, last December.

The nice thing about the Statue of Liberty, and pretty much all famous landmarks for that matter, is that you don’t need much more than a silhouette to identify them. The not so nice thing, and particularly eerie thing about this shot is that it was taken from Battery Park, a part of lower Manhattan that is currently underwater. The land around the Statue of Liberty is also underwater and was made that way exactly 126 years and one day after the statue was dedicated to the United States.

I should take this time to say that my heart goes out to all of those affected by Hurricane Sandy. I have many friends and family in New York City and I am happy and relieved to say that although some of them were (or still are) affected, that everyone is safe and sound. It breaks my heart to hear of the lives that were lost in New Jersey and New York and it burns my insides to hear (or see rather) others online complaining because they didn’t get a day off of work or “barely got a storm”. When I think about all of the people still without power, all of the people who aren’t allowed back in their homes yet and won’t be for another week, people who lost everything. Yet still others are complaining that “Sandy didn’t live up to it’s name” rather than thanking their lucky stars that their homes and loved ones weren’t in the line of fire. It’s easier to complain than be thankful isn’t it?

I’m thankful that my hometown and surrounding areas were spared this time around. Last August when Hurricane Irene came to town, they weren’t as lucky. Flash floods wiped out homes and highways, countless crops and businesses were completely destroyed. Much like Sandy, and so many hurricanes before it, many people lost everything. It worried me to hear about Sandy’s path, so many are still rebuilding from Irene that the thought of all that being destroyed again was very scary. I’m very happy that this time around they were spared and more importantly- they were better prepared. Dams were opened and the water level of rivers were lowered to prepare for heavy rainfall. They knew what to expect this time, it took devastation from Irene for them to learn it but I can guarantee it is something that will never be forgotten.

For anyone interested in helping with Hurricane Sandy Relief,  American Red Cross is accepting donations here.



I’ll make this next one short and sweet. I don’t mean to lessen my thoughts on the recent tragedy with another stupid picture, but I don’t want to constantly be a week behind. This week’s theme was Foreign, I guess I don’t lead too interesting of a life because there aren’t too many foreign items in it. We recently got another camera, which sounds ridiculous, but this new one is much smaller, can be used underwater, is shock-proof, freeze-proof, dust-proof and probably bullet-proof (though I certainly won’t count on it saving my life in a dire situation). You know when you buy something new and it comes with a manual in three different languages? Well not only did we get that, but we were also supplied with a poster-sized piece of paper complete with 65 different languages.

Three sentences on “For Your Safety” instructions in 65 different languages. Doesn’t get much more foreign than that.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Halloween, can you believe it’s November already?


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