Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Back to the start.

This week’s challenge stumped me at first. I don’t really like using old photos, I feel as though the point of this is to become inspired by the theme and then go out and find something to photograph that portrays it. However, fall isn’t really a season of renewal, I am surrounded by bare trees and fallen foliage. The fauna mimics the flora, many animals are preparing to hibernate for the winter or have already migrated south and there are a lot of empty nests that become exposed when the final leaves fall to the ground.

To truly portray renewal I needed to go back to the start, back to a time when renewal surrounded us. Back to when plants were sprouting out of the ground, buds were, uh… budding on trees and baby bunnies and birds were hopping around the yard with their parents. Back to spring.

I took this photograph in early April, when the early spring blossoms were just budding and the surrounding flora was still quite bare and dismal. This was in a small town in the Adirondacks, a place I drove by often and always admired the scene of the small man made falls with the mountains in the background. This was my first time passing it with my then new camera, so I was inspired to actually stop and really take it in. This tree, which I can only presume to be a cherry blossom, was an unexpected gift and proved to be the only source of color in this unfortunately otherwise bland scene. A sign of renewal of what was yet to come.

Only eighteen more weeks until spring!


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