Ah, Pinterest.

An internet mecca for crafters, artists, gawkers and party planners. A place to go to get inspired, share ideas, learn new recipes and great tips for around the house. It’s a Do-It-Yourselfer’s dream come true and source for hours upon hours of discovering new things.

We’re making a big move in less than a month, moving from a large apartment in the country to a tiny condo in the city. It’ll be a big adjustment especially when it comes to finding space for all of our things. Pinterest has a slew of easy ways to stay organized and make room to store more things in a small space.

Project Numero Uno

One thing I don’t have is a jewelry box, which makes it difficult to store jewelry. In the fully furnished apartment we’re in now I was lucky enough to be supplied with a piece of furniture with hooks on it to hang my headbands, necklaces and bracelets. Moving to a new space and not being able to take this furniture with me, I had to come up with another way to store my jewelry without taking up a lot of space.

My Pinspiration:

These small canvases were covered in fabric and had hooks attached to the bottom to hang things like keys or jewelry. This pin was linked to an etsy page that doesn’t load anymore because the items were sold. Still, it ‘pinspired’ me to create my own, especially since I had found two small canvases at the thrift store for a mere dollar.

My creation:

Not too shabby, eh? The best part is how unbelievably easy it was to make these! I got a pack of six hooks at the dollar store for a dollar, and the canvases as I said earlier were only fifty cents each, so these beauties only cost me two dollars. Man, I love saving money!

I printed out some silhouettes that I found online, as artsy as I may claim to be I am not great at drawing humans or their silhouettes for that matter. Transferring them from the paper to the canvas is easier than you might think. Take a pencil and trace the outline of the silhouette, make sure to really press the pencil into the paper to get the graphite on nice and thick. The darker you make the outline the more it’ll show up on the canvas.

Place the paper onto the canvas with the pencil-side down. Take a pencil or a pen (I used the end of a paintbrush) and scribble back and forth on the paper over where the outline is.

Make sure before you start to transfer that your picture is centered on the canvas. Also, remember that your picture will be the reverse of what you printed out.

And there you have it, paint will cover the pencil outline and any left over pencil smudges can easily be erased when the paint is dry. Rinse and repeat, paint those ladies in, screw in the hooks where you’d like them and wham, bam thank you ma’am- you’re done.

Project Numero Dos

Alright, jewelry is taken care of. I think I made it apparent that counter space is a bit of a commodity in a condo, so next up is makeup. On a normal day my crap is scattered all over the abnormally huge counter that we have in our current bathroom or all around (instead of in) the designated basket on the dresser in the bedroom. I know that won’t be an option in the new place so I had to come up with a make-up storage solution.

My Pinspiration:

I bet you’ve seen this gem on Pinterest before (click on the picture to bring you to the original blog this came from). It’s a great idea- it saves so much counter space, allows easy access to your makeup and isn’t too bad to look at either.  I thought about copy-catting this exactly, but if you haven’t figured it out yet- I’m pretty cheap, and magnets are expensive! I scavenged around my hoard of crafts and thrift store treasures to contract my own wall hanging make-up storage.

My Creation:

I know it doesn’t really pop like the magnetic one does, but I wanted something pretty neutral to go with the neutral vibe of the condo. The best part is that I had all of these supplies already laying around, just begging to be used.

If I were to add it all up though from the time I purchased these things the total cost would be $4.00, which I think is less than the cost of a packet of small circular magnets at WalMart. I got the two little baskets for 50 cents each and the board itself for a dollar at the thrift store, the twine and magnetic strip were a dollar each at the dollar store. This project was a little more time consuming than the jewelry holders. I wrapped everything up in fabric and hot glued, rather than sewed it all together. The cans I attached with nails to keep them nice and sturdy and ensure that they would be able to hold several things.

I like how this has storage for more than just makeup as well, the magnetic strip is one of my favorite features. No longer will I have to rummage through my makeup basket in search for my tweezers, or dump out my purses to find just one more stinkin’ bobby pin. I also like the easy access to the mirror. In the condo I’ll hang it in a well lit area at eye level so touch-ups will be quick and easy, but if I need or want to I can take the mirror out or flip it around to the side with higher magnification. I’m really looking forward to utilizing this easy access storage solution. Who knows, it may even cut my “getting ready” time in half… haha yeah right, who am I kidding?

Project Numero Tres

Moving out of the bedroom, our next stop is the bathroom. Let’s focus on all of those haircare products!

My Pinspiration:

Here we have a magazine or folder organizer nailed to the inside of a cabinet door. This obviously can only be attached to a cabinet door that does not have shelves inside of it, and where do we find doors like that? Why, under the sink of course! If your drawer space is limited (we’re downgrading from 3 drawers and 5 bathroom cabinets to 2 of each) storage like this is essential!

My Creation:

I decided to wrap mine in the same fabric I’m going to make our new shower curtain out of for a little consistency.

This proved to be a stupidly simple DIY craft. The magazine rack was $1.25 at the dollar store, I really splurged on this one, didn’t I? I used the yarn to tie around the holes for added security.

I wanted my hair care supplies to remain stable and a little more organized for when I opened and closed the cabinet door. The yarn helps to secure the goods in place so they won’t be flopping around.

Project Numero Cuatro

Finally, let’s make our way into the kitchen. As I said before, counter space is a commodity. Although the quality of our counter will be upgrading in the move, the amount of counter space available is being reduced by about half, the same goes for cabinet space. I needed to figure out a way to make room for important kitchen items without using up the counter and cabinets.

My Pinspiration:

It was like a moment of clarity when I saw this pin and thought, “Wow, baskets or boxes as shelves… genius.”. For someone who has little counter space or little floor space to place a bookshelf, using boxes or baskets on their side is a fantastically smart way to store things and save what little space you have. I headed out to the thrift store in search for baskets and found small boxes instead.

My Creation:

This is one of my favorite storage solutions. The fact that you can hang the boxes in more ways than one was a plus for me as well.

This project’s total cost was a whopping $4.00. Each box cost $1.00 and there are those handy hooks again from the dollar store! As you can tell, the boxes aren’t huge, but with three of them it allows me to put those cooking supplies I use on a regular basis at an easy access location, and it’s not too hard on the eyes either!

Do you see why Pinterest is amazing? These are just four of the thousands of ideas that you can either follow step by step or that may inspire you to create your own one of a kind piece!

Feeling Pinspired yet?

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