Back, Back, Back it up.

For shame self. For shame.

It’s been over a month since I posted? Over a month??

“Well, we were moving into a new place, and we didn’t have internet, and then it was one holiday after the other, and we were jumping around from place to place, and we were actually living life and then we finally got home and still had to unpack everything we own because we didn’t have time before the holidays and really didn’t have internet until just a few hours ago” is a run-on sentence, yes. But it’s also an acceptable excuse for my shameful absence, right?

I hope everyone had a joyous holiday season and are ready to jump into a new year! I’ve made three resolutions this year, the first to read more blogs. I’ve been nominated by fellow bloggers for two different awards but I cannot officially accept them until I am ready and able to nominate other bloggers for the same awards. This means I need to read more. I do have several blogs that I follow but I really need to get into it, I want to accept these awards but I won’t do it the wrong way.

My second resolution is lame, something easy that I know I can’t screw up. Shows I have a lot of faith in myself, doesn’t it? My resolution is: If there is an option to take an escalator or take the stairs, I must take the stairs. Let me just clear things up for you smart-alec’s like Tyler who said, “So you’re going to walk up and down 35 stories every time you leave and go back to the apartment?”. No, goofball, the condo we live in doesn’t have escalators. Now that we’re in Toronto, we’re exposed to a lot more malls and subway stations that all have stairs and escalators, so it makes sense to me and I’ve already successfully begun, so there.

The third is the same as one I made last year. I’m doing it again not because I didn’t do it last year (because believe it or not, I did) but because I like the idea and would like to keep it up. I think it has now become more of a ‘life-time resolution’ rather than a yearly one. It’s to find positive in negative things. For every crummy thing that happens, little things that might irritate me or ruin my mood, it is my job to find three positive things that stem from it. It sounds easier than it is, but it’s a nice way to change your mindset and try to see that even though something bad may have happened or you’re feeling down in the dumps for whatever reason, there are still a lot of positive things out there to look forward to.

I’ve also been contemplating starting a sister-blog where I can compile all my rants. This way, all you crafty DIYers, foodies and photo-lovers out there don’t have to be exposed to my darker, more cynical side, unless of course you choose to be… thoughts?

Anyway, let’s get the ball rolling here, I’ve missed six weekly photo challenges, what a slacker. But here I am, I’m back and backing it up, six weeks (well seven, including this week) of photo challenges all crammed into one post. Let’s do this.

November 23- Thankful

Went pretty literal on this one. This is a shot of the thank you cards that I made for the wedding. I know I’ve said it before but I am so thankful for everyone who helped, everyone who stepped in or contributed in some way. We really couldn’t have done it without the love and support of our family and friends, in the past year, this is the thing I am the most thankful for.

November 30- Reflections

While in Florida on Christmas vacation, these little sandpipers were pretty amusing to watch. They would run toward the ocean as the waves retreated, searching for any food they could find before the waves rolled back onto the shore, forcing them to run as fast as their little legs could carry them (which was comically fast) to avoid getting wet.

December 7- Changing Seasons

This is somewhat of a cheat, I took this picture in March of 2012. We had a week of wonderfully warm weather which prompted a lot of flowers and flowering trees to bloom quite early. It wasn’t long before the snow and frost came back and unfortunately ruined the spring bloom. I suppose this is what one should expect during the transition of Winter to Spring.

December 14- Delicate

This lucky shot was a “right place, right time” kind of thing. Another one taken in Florida, we just happened to be walking by these flowers when a monarch made a pit-stop for some lunch.

December 21- Surprise

More of a sarcastic undertone for this picture, because it is no surprise to me that during our deep sea fishing trip Tyler was the lucky son of a gun to catch the biggest fish of the day and win the $120 jackpot that comes with the title… as if the bragging rights weren’t enough.

December 28- My 2012 in Pictures

I decided that my 2012 in pictures should be nature/wildlife based considering we have ended the era of rural life and are onto newer, more cement and metal like, urban things.

2012 was a great starter year for me as a photographer, I was lucky to be surrounded by ever changing wildlife on a daily basis, it allowed me to photograph living, moving things, rather than inanimate objects. Don’t get me wrong- I have a million other pictures of flowers, food and DIY projects, but these are things I will always be exposed to and can photograph at any time. The greenery, the trees and the birds, the pond and it’s visitors are all things I don’t have anymore. They are things that I miss already, after only being in a city for a few days. I’m glad I got this chance to celebrate them.

January 4- Resolved

“Take the stairs”

Guaranteed I would not have made that my resolution if I had to take stairs like these everyday. This is looking up into the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse in Ponce Inlet, Florida. It may not look like much, but it’s tight and it’s high, I was out of breath halfway up. Coming down was even worse though, the stairs were steep and it was quite dizzying if you looked at anything but your feet. There was a plaque in the lighthouse dedicated to a lighthouse attendant who had a heart attack and died going up to the top. If that’s not enough motivation to get me in shape, then I don’t know what is.

And to go along with my third resolution, although I am sad about moving out of the country and into the city I will make myself see the positive:

1. I am closer to my friends and family.
2. I am surrounded by new opportunities.
3. I am not alone, but here with the person I care the most about.

It’s going to be a good year, Happy New Year all!


2 thoughts on “Back, Back, Back it up.

  1. loved your Thank You card. We were a little behind in retrieving our mail, so we just got it. As I’ve already said, your pics have improved by leaps and bounds and I’ll resolve to try to read your blog more and see the continuing improvement of your pics. xoxo

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