Organizer? But…I hardly know her!

Ah, the craft corner.

The ever-growing, fully loaded, unorganized craft corner. That’s right friends. I got my crafts together and I organized. I organized all. day. long.

This project has been a long time coming. Not only do I own a lot of random craft supplies, but I also have a lot of art supplies that I need to store. Finally, I’ve been able to combine my collections of storage devices to complete my craft corner.

So it may not look like much to you- but to me, it’s just heaven. Unlike a normal person who would have a room devoted to crafts and purchase a desk, or book shelves to keep their things in order, I have an extremely small space to keep my supplies and instead, constructed this unique piece out of several different random pieces I acquired at the thrift store, it cost me under $10. I’m glad The CSI Project’s Challenge of the Week is Organization, otherwise I don’t know if I would’ve been inspired to finally go through my craft things, clean house and organize.

csi project

The one and only rule that I follow while cleaning/organizing is that everything must have a place, if there isn’t a place for it then I guess I don’t need it, do I?

For those of you looking for ways to organize your crafts, I’ll go through this bad boy step by step, starting at the tippity top with the camera corner.
Okay, so this picture is horrible quality. That’s because I wanted to take a picture of my camera corner with my cameras actually where they belong.  I found this little corner shelf for $1. It had a different use at our old place, but in the Torondo it’s really found it’s calling as a place to put my cameras, which is great because these were always one of those things that didn’t really have a designated spot.

I’ve always been a fan of putting writing utensils in mugs, I find it a nice way to spruce up your desk or work space. I lucked out and found these mugs on a day that all mugs were free at the thrift store. Watercolor Pencils, or just colored pencils in general, offer such a nice array of colors, why not display them?

This thing, man, I don’t even know what this thing is. Tiny shelves for tiny knick knacks would be my guess. When I saw it for $1 though, I knew I had to have it, even though I had no idea of it’s original purpose. It didn’t take long after I brought it home to figure out that it fits my paints perfectly! Another thing that normally is stored in a box, certainly makes a statement when stored this way, don’t you think?

Oh yeah, you’ve seen these before, these plastic stacking paper storers. Love it, needed it, spent 20 cents on it. Once I get into card making I can’t guarantee that it will remain as pristine of a condition as it is now… either way, these were a must have!

The good old ribbon rod, a craft corner classic. This rod was rigged up by using half of an old curtain rod that I found for 50 cents. The other half of this rod is the rod that the curtains are hanging on, on the sewing machine level.

Got stamps? Got a bunch of stamps and don’t know how to store them? I’ve found plastic berry containers to be superb stroage bins for these little bad boys. Why? I’ll give ya two reasons why. 1. They’re free. Okay, they’re practically free…if you’re buying berries anyway. If you won’t accept that as a reason then just know that you’re saving the world by reusing these gems instead of throwing them out. 2. They’re clear! You can see your stamps right through them. No longer do you have to rummage through that big bag or box to find the right stamp. It’s like having x-ray vision… except, you know, the box is just clear.

If you didn’t pick it up from reading my spice rack post, I love glass containers and jars. Weird, yeah maybe, but talk about convenient. Much like the berry containers, all you have to do is look through the object to see whats inside, and for a scatterbrained person like me, this makes a world of a difference. Another plus about jars in particular is that they are also free, or you’re reusing and saving the earth, whatever. I scraped off the labels and painted the lids of these jars to make them look a little more clean and organized. (Car is not to scale).

Another one of those “What the heck is this thing? Oh, it’s only a dollar? Okay, I’ll get it anyway.” type things. But seriously…what the heck is this thing?? A paint brush holder? Okay. This piece is attached to the outer right side of the book shelf. It’s actually quite easy to remove, just take it off of the bookshelf and bam… portable brush holder.

Peek-a-boo! One of my favorite features in this handmade craft corner is the easy-to-hide sewing storage. I am so lucky that the machine just happened to fit like a glove into this bottom shelf. As cute as the sewing machine is, I wanted to have a spot that could be easily covered for a tidier look, hence the curtains.

Our last stop on this craftastic journey brings us to the fabric shelves. These were made from a simple, cardboard gift box. Wrap it up in some fabric, and flip it on it’s side? Boom, shelf box. Take the top, wrap that in fabric and attach it to the wall? Double boom,  box and box top shelves, complete with storage space underneath for my blank (or semi-blank) canvases.

Phew, we made it! Some things that I didn’t highlight include my wooden easel, which is hanging on the right side of the bookshelf. Much like the portable paintbrush holder, it is easy to get to and remove. Also, above the shelves and to the right of the camera corner is where I store all of my large sketch pads or other pads of paper, just another 50 cent piece that I picked up at the thrift store.

Put it all together and what do you get? A completely original, completely organized, completely clean crafty corner.

Eat your heart out Martha.

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9 thoughts on “Organizer? But…I hardly know her!

  1. ” I have an extremely small space to keep my supplies and instead, constructed this unique piece out of several different random pieces I acquired at the thrift store, it cost me under $10.”

    Sooooo smart! I have been scaling back to a similar concept because I have learned “If you build it they will come.” Or in my case, “If there’s room, I’ll stuff it full…and then lose things…and then go crazy saying “I KNOW I HAVE THAT…SOMEWHERE!!!”

    1. Haha, thanks! “If you build it they will come” haha. That’s kind of true though, after finding those weird pieces at the store I definitely wanted to put it to use as soon as I got home.

      Dead on about going crazy! I didn’t even realize that getting more organized might restore my sanity!

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