Stuck on You

Until next month.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! It’s time to squeeze in one more Valentine post and the fantastic news is that it’s a craft! The even more fantastical news is that you don’t even have to wait until next Valentine’s Day to do it, friends. That’s right. This craft is for every holiday. So get on the DIY train, cause it’s about to leave the station.

Magnets, people. Holiday Magnets. Don’t celebrate holidays? How about seasonal magnets? Don’t like seasons? Well, you’re no fun. How about you can change these magnets as often as you change your socks if you’d like.

This project is great because you can use whatever you want to make your ornaments (this is what I’m calling the piece you’re making to attach to the actual magnet), fabric, cardboard, paper and pens, string, glue, glitter, whatever. The few things you’ll definitely need are magnets, Velcro, scissors and a hot glue gun. The rest is up to you!

 I think I’ll stick to switching them on a monthly basis, just to change it up every now and then. These are a nice way to add a little holiday cheer if you’re someone like me who is too lazy to come up with new ideas and decorate the whole place every time a holiday comes around.

Got kids? This would be such a fun project to do with them! Each child could get a magnet, or two, or three, or seven depending on how many kids you have and how many magnets you want on your fridge. They can create their own magnets for each holiday, or season, or month, and perhaps look forward to the tradition of switching them over each time. Listen, I’m in my late twenties and I’m looking forward to switching my magnets over next month, so I think kids might get a kick out of it too.

So why reusable magnets? Why not just put magnets on the back of all of them? Okay, honestly, the reason I did it is because I was cleaning out my craft corner and was left over with four magnets and some Velcro that I didn’t know what to do with. But money is another reason I can think of. Magnets are expensive, and you’ll want good magnets for these, not cheap dollar store magnets (I know I’m usually an advocate for dollar stores, but I mean it in this case, their magnets won’t be strong enough).

Just glue the soft side of some Velcro on the back of the ornaments that you made and glue the rougher side of the Velcro onto the magnets. Boom. Instant Holiday Spirit. I’m so excited about these, I’ve already started my March/St. Patrick’s Day ornaments.

Roses are red,
Crafts are fun,
So get out your supplies,
And heat up the glue gun!

csi project

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