Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighborhood

Or “Neighbourhood” for you Canadians.

I’ll also have you Canadians know that a red squiggly line is appearing when I type neighborhood with a ‘u’, which means the computer thinks it is spelled wrong, while I am writing this post in Canada, on a computer that was purchased… in Canada. Just saying.

This week’s challenge asked us to take a picture of our neighborhood with the cameras on our phones! The horror!

Thank heavens this challenge took place after I traded in my flip phone… this quality is pretty good if I say so myself! This was my first time really using my camera phone because it is pretty new, but now that I know how good the quality is I think I may use it more, thanks Daily Post!

So yeah, my neighborhood is kind of this huge building that I live in with a bunch of other people. Towering at an impressive 36 stories, this giant is the home to over 250 units! Sure, you don’t get a yard, or more than two bedrooms plus a den, but you sure get a beautiful view every morning…

I’d say it’s worth it.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighborhood

  1. Oh boy! Did the spelling of that word ever make me happy! Colour, grey, harbour….I could go on and on! ;o) That sun is amazing. For what it’s worth, I think yards can be overrated. I have a love-hate relationship with my lawn.

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