Repurposing, Reusing and Recycling

Like a boss.

I’ve just finished a nice little project that compiles all three of those magic R’s, which is nice because now we are in Earth Month. Why we dedicate one lowly month to the Earth instead of appreciate it everyday of our lives? I have no idea,  alas, here we are.

Some nice things about this project:

  • I spent a total of: $12 (The only thing that was bought new or unused was the ball of twine for $1).
  • It didn’t take long to complete.
  • I helped the Earth by repurposing, reusing and recycling. *

* Not really, but I can tell myself that if I want to.

Some not so nice things about this project:

  • … there’s nothing.

The Final Product

I adore the simplicity in it. Before you think, “Wow, big whoop. I could do that.”,  let me say to you, “Yes, you can do it. It was super easy and I saved the environment by creating this masterpiece*, and now you can too! Let’s break this bad boy down!”.

*Okay, not really, but… you know.


The Vases

Have you seen these guys around? They are usually filled with pasta or in this case, peppers and garlic. Primarily manufactured for decorative purposes, not to be consumed. I acquired these from a friend who generously donated several items to us when we made our big move. She seemed skeptical as to why I wanted them, but I knew if they could be emptied, that they’d make wonderful vases.

Man, I love it when I’m right. I got the third bottle at a thrift shop for fifty cents. The pepper bottles had a layer of wax with a cork underneath it, sealing them. They came out easily and the bottles emptied just fine. Wrapped them with a bit of twine and boom, vases.

The Knob

So… this is the decorative end of a curtain rod, used as the drawer pull. Repurposing, folks, that’s how it’s done.


The Table

This hot mess was in shambles at the thrift shop. The drawer was in pieces (there was a small, rounded wooden handle that came with it, not pictured), the whole thing was unstable and the top was obviously quite worn. I checked it out before I bought it, made sure I would be able to repair it myself. All it needed was some screws tightened, some nails replaced, a little glue, sanding, paint and love.

Tyler said that if the person who brought it to the thrift shop saw it now, they’d be sorry they got rid of it. That was nice.


The Flowers

 Coffee Filter Roses

I saw this online over a year ago and started saving coffee filters, hoping to make some for the wedding and ended up never getting to it (shocker!). Before you get grossed out about saving coffee filters, just chill out. All of the grinds were washed off and I let them dry out before storing them. They never got moldly or smelled mildewy or anything, doesn’t even smell like coffee. It’s just a coffee stained piece of paper.

Shipping Material Poms

Alright, so this material is a very thin, easy to rip, disposable fabric that came wrapped around our futon cushions when it was delivered. I know, I know how bat crap crazy that sounds to keep something like that. I knew I could make something out of it though, so just hush yo’ mouth,  because look how lovely it looks as a little pom pom flower. And it was free. And it’s not sitting in a dump right now, covered it crud. It’s beautiful piece of art.

Anyway, now that I’ve saved the world* by combining these materials to make something functional and beautiful, I will be accepting my award and signing autographs for all of my fans.

*You get it by now, I’m the laziest Earth saver, ever.

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8 thoughts on “Repurposing, Reusing and Recycling

  1. “Yes, you can do it. It was super easy and I saved the environment by creating this masterpiece*, and now you can too! Let’s break this bad boy down!”.

    *Okay, not really, but… you know.

    I wholeheartedly disagree with the “Okay, not really” part. That’s an amazing recycling you’ve done there 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot everyone! I’m pretty proud of this project so it feels good to get such nice feedback!

    Kel- I’ll do my best to get a tutorial for the filter flowers out next week. I was lazy when I made them originally and didn’t take any pictures!

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