Coffee Filter Flowers

Easy peasy, flower power, get them done in less than an hour!

After my Repurposing, Reusing and Recycling post, I got millions and millions of readers respond, all with the same question: “But how on Earth did you make those flowers out of coffee filters, all while managing to be the most amazingly awesome person in the history of the world?”.

Okay, really it was just Kelly that wanted to know, and I may or may not have embellished part or all of her request. Either way, I am here today to take you through the pretty simple task of constructing two types of flowers, a rose and a pom, out of coffee filters.

Supplies are minimal and as follows:

Coffee filters (stained or unstained), glue (I went with the hot glue just because it dries the fastest), scissors and something to use as a stem (I had these wire stems from ages ago, but you can make your own out of paper or wire).

Let’s start with the rose, the more complicated of the two.

When I originally searched for some guidance on the construction of these flowers I came across good ol’ Martha’s how-to, along with free printable templates! Her way uses eight coffee filters for one flower. Well, I only had twelve stained filters and I wanted to make at least three flowers. I also have this need to rebel against Martha in this whole,  “I will steal your ideas but I won’t conform to your methods!”, kind of way. Check out that page if you want to use fresh filters, instead of stained, she explains how to use watercolor paint to make them any color you’d like!

Fold your first coffee filter almost in-half, you want one side to be slightly higher than the other, it will just give your rose some depth. This piece will be used as the center of your rose.

Flip it over, so the shorter side is face-down on the table. Start to roll the filter tightly from the left to the right. You want the first little roll to be tight, glue it to hold it together.

Continue to glue occasionally as you roll, you’ll want the rolls to be looser and further apart the further you go.

Try to maneuver the paper so it’s not all the same height (the way you originally folded the filter helps with this), make some part stick out further than others, the imperfections add to the unique beauty to each flower.

Finish by gluing the end piece to the flower, and you’ll have a cone shaped center piece done.

You’ll be able to slide a stem through the center of the cone and glue it in place now.

The second and third coffee filters will be cut in the same way, but different sizes. Fold the filters in half, and in half again, each filter will give you four petals.

Feel free to draw an outline or make templates if you wish. If you can eyeball a petal form and cut it like that, it’ll save you worrying about pencil marks later on. Make sure you’re cutting the edges of your petals smoothly- jagged corners or sharp edges are not natural for roses.

Take your first petal and pinch it in the middle to give it some form.

Find a happy little spot for it on your center and glue it on. Remember to stagger height, my center was starting to go down pretty low, so I chose to glue this first petal a little higher.

Glue it only at the bottom so it allows the top of the petal to fan out. Don’t worry if it’s sticking out too far, you will be able to adjust it as you add more petals.

Use the same technique to attach the second petal. Let the petals overlap slightly at the edges, I tend to add them in thirds.

Add the third petal with the same technique, gluing it at the bottom. Now that you have a good number of petals you can play with the shape of it a bit. If you want the rose a bit tighter than you can pull in the outside petals and glue to hold. I like the blooming rose look, so I keep mine pretty open and free.

Continue to glue on more petals while staggering the height.

Really, you could do this as Martha suggested with more filters, it would give you a fuller rose but take more time and materials.

There you have it. If you had some fabric or floral tape that you wanted to cover up the bottom of the flower with, go for it! I don’t mind the simplicity of it without leaves (or I’m too lazy to add leaves, I’ll let you decide what you’d like about me).

Onto the pom.

This little guy is so quick and easy! When I did this project originally, I used a disposable-type-cloth. For the purposes of this tutorial however, I chose to go with coffee filters. Keep in mind you can use a variety of material for this flower, coffee filters,  scrapbook paper, tissue paper, fabric, heck you could use magazine pages or a plastic bag.

I used two coffee filters (it came out not as full as I thought it would though, if you’re going to do this with coffee filters, I’d suggest using three.), and started by folding them in half, in half again, and in half one more time (or in eights for all you mathematicians).

Put one filter on top of the other and glue them together.

Cut a half circle along the top of the filter.

From the top of the filter towards the tip of the cone, start to cut strips.

Don’t cut the strips completely off, leave some space at the tip of the cone so the strips stay attached.

Once you’ve completed cutting your strips, fan them out.

Wrap the un-cut base around the stem, glue to hold.

Separate the strips to fan them out and make the pom puffier.

Boom. Coffee Filter Flowers.

Best part of this project?
The fact that you can finish these babies by the time you’re done with your first cup of coffee.

Or your second, if you’re like me.

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UPDATE (April 20, 2013):  I submitted this post for The CSI Project’s Weekly Competition: Gardens and Flowers and I made the top ten! This is my fifth or sixth time submitting and my second time making the top ten. The first time was for Valentine’s Day with my heart shaped cookies.

I think I explained this before, but for those of you who may be confused, much like the Weekly Photo Challenges, through The Daily Press, The CSI Project has different themed craft competitions each week. They have different guest judges who choose a #1 Pick and Top Ten Picks. Winners have a link to their post through The CSI Project’s website, and you get a lovely button to display as bragging rights.

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