Anything Worth Doing, is Worth Doing Several Weeks Late in a Mass Quantity.

That’s the saying, right?

I know, I’ve been so bad at updating the past few months. When the beautiful sunny weather comes it’s hard to resist sitting outside, reading a book and drinking an iced coffee. Just because I haven’t been updating the blog, however, doesn’t mean I haven’t been taking pictures. Quite the contrary, in fact, because I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t take at least one picture. The skyline of the city, a new flower in our garden, a new recipe I try out and attempt to record in case it’s blog-worthy (I’ve had a few failures).

So one way or another, I’m behind a few several weeks. We went on vacation last week (got to cross two things off of The Diaper List!) and before we went I had planned to post the three weeks that I was already behind, but then I got stuck on one of the challenges and it quite obviously was postponed until today. Therefore, I do so declare that you will be seeing several pictures from my trip, even if technically the photo was taken weeks after the challenge was given (I suppose that’s a perk to being a slacker?).

April 26: Culture

Nothing quite says Canadian culture like The Stanley Cup, in all it’s glory. Go Leafs! Go! (too soon?)


May 3: From Above

I see a lot of things from thirty-five floors up these days.  Here’s a few of my “backyard”… or is that the front?

May 10: Pattern

A sure sign of spring.

May 17: Escape

A bit blurry due to the fact we were en route to the Grand Canyon, but you can’t deny that curvy road ahead calling your name.

May 24: In the Background

Take just one moment to ignore the vast and overwhelming beauty of the Grand Canyon to notice that there are people in this picture too.


May 31: The Sign Says

Going pretty literal with this one. The Sign Says: Vacation, Friends and Fun.

I wish I could tell you more but as soon as we got in we had to sign papers that said we agreed to let whatever happened there to stay there.

That is all the information I am allowed to disclose.

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