Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

*Insert witty comment or pun here*

I’m so excited about this week’s theme that I don’t even care about trying to come up with something funny. I’ve been dying to use this picture since I snapped it in the beginning of April. Fleeting describes this moment perfectly, and the way my camera functions, I was lucky to get a shot this clear.

This picture was taken 35 floors up when a flock of birds decided to do a loop right in front of the window. It was a cool moment to see a bunch of birds soaring around in the air at eye level, glad I could capture it.

*Insert witty closer*

Also… have a nice weekend!


23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

  1. I love this shot! I’ve been on hikes thousands of feet up mountains and had the opportunity to look down at birds soaring by…quite the perspective!

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