Multiple Month Make-Up Magnet Monday

It’s back!

I’m only two months late, but I’m making up for with with back-to-back Magnet Mondays. This week I have to play catch up with May and June’s magnets, and next week ‘ll kick off summer right by decorating my fridge with new July magnets (I know, exciting stuff. But actually I am pretty proud of the July ones.).


It was someone’s birthday last month, what a nice way to spice things up!

May flower, brought to you by the April showers.

Can’t have the flowers without these little guys!


I made this cute little kite with fabric, toothpicks and string. It flies off of the fridge with the help of a twist-tie that I shaped into a spring.

Chalkboards were a big part of the decor in our wedding. Since June is our anniversary month I decided to dedicate two of our magnets to it.

Stay tuned for next month’s magnets!



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