Weekly Photo Challenges

It’s a two-fer!

We went camping last weekend. It’s a yearly event a friend of ours holds every summer, and although it was our first time attending, this was it’s sixth year running! The camping took place on our friend’s family’s land. A gorgeous 20+ acre plot covered in trees, four wheeling trails, clearings to tent and a creek that runs through it. It was my heaven. Anyway, I took some sweet pictures, but even so, it was hard to capture the pure beauty of the area. It was a rainy weekend, so there was a low fog rising off the creek, it looked like a dream, but in the pictures it just looks fuzzy and unclear (sadface).

June 14, Curves

Behold, this is what is known around the property as, ‘The Boob Tree’. This tree has got it and has absolutely no problems flaunting it. This tree has got curves, fo’ sho’.
Deeeaaaaammmn tree, I wanna take you out for some barbeque!

June 21, The World Through Your Eyes

You see what I’m talking about?? It was so peaceful there. This is a trail that leads to a clearing that is an ice rink every winter! This is what the weekend was like through my eyes, every turn brought something new and beautiful to look at.

I want to go back to there.



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