The Motherload of Magnet Mondays

Do not ask, and ye shall receive anyway.

I’ve done it. I’ve finished another year long project (mini cheer!). I’m talking about the Monthly Magnets! Remember those? Remember when I started it, and made it like a big thing, and then missed a few months and came back with high hopes and nice enthusiasm and then… well, who can remember what happened after that.

If you’re new to my Monthly Magnet thing, it’s a fun DIY project with velcro magnets that are swapped out every month. The lovely thing about them is that you can make them whatever you want and out of whatever you have.

I used a lot of paper, felt, cardboard, fabric paint, strings, ribbons, wires and a buttload of glue but like I said, the supplies are limitless!

We last left off in July (oh, brother) so I have August to this not-so-merry month of January.


Fishing pole and fish (2 magnets)
Beach ball


Apple pie
School books
Autumn Leaves

I cheated on this one. I thought it is an appropriate seasonal magnet I’m pretty lazy so I decided to have this one for September, October and November.


Witch hat



Pilgrim hat



Jingle bells



Snowflake chain (2 magnets)
New year (2 magnets)

January has two two-fers, so it’s the month with the least amount of pizazz, but I’m okay with that. I made the “1” and “4” spots Velcro as well, so I’ll be able to change it throughout the years. I also made myself a few extra numbers, so Future Liz is going to be really proud of Past Liz when she doesn’t have to make cardboard glitter numbers for the next few years. I also have the hopes to remake the snowflakes. I had fun making the paper ones, it’s been years since I’ve done that, but I’d like to make something prettier and more durable.


Yeah! I did it! Another project bites the dust.












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