Yes, snowflaces.

Because they are snowflakes… made of laces. I know what you’re thinking while you’re rolling your eyes, “Lizzeh, are you going to combine words and make up punny titles for the rest of your blogging life?

Uh…yes. I know they’re lame sometimes, but I can’t stop and I won’t stop. It’s who I am.

Onto the snowflaces, these were so ridiculously easy you guys.  I thought it was going to be a long process involving a lot of lace scraps, Mod Podge, wax paper and hours of drying, but man, (and I can’t believe I’m about to say this) I was wrong. When I got to my lace basket, filled with other people’s leftovers that I acquired at the thrift store,  I realized I had more lace ‘ribbon’ rather than large lace scraps.

These pretty little things squashed my not-really-good-anyway plan. I started working with them a bit and realized they needed a base, when I was searching through my crafts I stumbled upon some metal rings I had bought back when I was bookin’ it.

I only had three left so I sliced a cardboard tube I had (knew there was a reason to keep that thing) and grabbed some wire as well, I figured I’d give all three a shot.

Weave the lace onto the ring. For the finer laces I used the wire because it was thinner and easier to maneuver while weaving.  I used the cardboard rings for the thickest and heaviest ribbons. Spread it out around the ring so that it lays flat. Cut where necessary and glue. That’s it, you guys. That’s it. Now you have these pretty little snowflakes that you can do whatever you want with.

Pretty cute, right? Make them into ornaments, string them up around the house, turn them into magnets or use as table decor, place markers, use them to spruce up gifts or even put on a greeting card. Woah… I just gave myself a bunch of ideas. Hope you’re inspired too!

Happy Flacing!


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