Revisiting Repurposing

You betta get some condiments, cause this bear is on a roll.

Well, to most bloggers, four posts in three weeks isn’t that big of a deal. I’m happy to be checking these old projects off of my list, however. So we’ll call it a roll for me.

Remember these beauts?

Necklace holders I made some time ago, one of my favorite projects to date. I decided to make some earring and bracelet holders to go along with them. Although I do think they do well on their own, when materials and inspiration both fall onto your lap, it’s hard to stay no.

While packing up some of my old stuff from my parent’s place, I came across these small shelves I used for little tea sets I had as a kid.

But more importantly, these cheap frames, bought years ago from IKEA.

Do you have old picture frames in a box or back of a closet somewhere that are just sitting there, completely unused and begging for attention? Oh… you’re not a hoarder and you donate or get rid of things you don’t use anymore? I see… well, in that case… do you have a bunch of jewelery that you would like to display on something you made yourself? Well, good for you! You’re in luck!

Boom. Bracelet and earring holders.

(sorry about the glare in some of these pictures, there is a large window just to the left)

I guess I didn’t take my standard “materials picture” for this project, but along with what’s mentioned above, they went as follows; burlap, ribbon, paint, hot glue gun and small hooks.

For the earring holder, I painted both frames brown and glued burlap to the plastic that came with the frame (instead of glass… I told you they were cheap).

Add ribbon and glue, make sure the ribbon is glued on tight, if there are going to be several pairs of earrings on them, they’ll sag if it’s loose.

Pop the burlap (you could use any fabric by the way, this matched my color scheme and I had it on hand) into the frame as you would a picture, secure it in place and you’re done.

Onto the bracelet holders!

Hooks and small shelves were painted.

Then screwed in, haha, that’s it.

These were super easy! The most time consuming parts are waiting for the paint to dry and leveling them out while hanging them. Alternatively, if your picture frame has a stand you could make a standing earring holder.

Either way, this was a quick and easy project that could spruce up any vanity or dresser-top while still being functional.

Happy Repurposing!


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