Heart Art

It’s the follydays!

Probably my favorite time of year, it’s the dark time inbetween when the real holidays end and whenever the heck Easter is. We just make up our own holidays by stealing holidays from other countries, adding a little ‘merican twist and just using them as excuses to “celebrate” something (maybe?) by buying overpriced stuff and usually drinking.

That’s the part I like (I mean the drinking), well that and the crafting.

In all honesty, it’s a nice excuse to finally clear out winter decor and add something new. I like subtle decorations, if you missed my magnets from last year, check them out! Those things were so subtle Tyler didn’t even notice them (I think I normal person might have noticed them though). So this year I continued on my subtly relevant theme. (how many times did I say subtle?)

I had a glimmer of an idea but in the beginning really had no clue what I was going to do. Thankfully, through a series of failures, flops and surprisingly no alcohol, heart art was born.

I have a collection of unused picture frames that I refuse to get rid of unless I’m positive there is absolutely no way it can be used in the future. When you draw, paint, photograph and craft however, there are endless possibilities for frames. So the true problem really isn’t my stack of unused frames (acquired through my inability to say no to a free frame a friend is giving away or ten cent frame day at the thrift store. Yes, ten cents.) that are taking up space, but instead the lack of appropriate wall space.

So yeah, the frames were a good place to start. I found one I liked and that fit in my desired location (top of a bookshelf).

What appears to be a pile of laundry is in fact, a pile of old (chill out, it’s clean) laundry that I saved to use as fabric for a moment like this (stuff I never wore but either liked the pattern or kept just because it was a solid color… because I’m cheap and fabric is expensive!). At this point all that I new is that I wanted to take the glass off of the frame and do three pieces of 3D heart art in each section.

Something to keep in mind: The frame was nice for a piece like this because it came matted and bordered already (the white part that separates the three pictures is the matting and the black outline around each individual picture is the border). That’s a lot of measuring and cutting and annoying if you have to do it yourself.

I cut cardboard to fit each section of the frame and picked a neutral background fabric.

Wrapping and gluing the fabric was just like wrapping a present. Make sure it’s nice and tight so there aren’t any wrinkles or extra fabric hanging loose in the front.

It was somewhere inbetween the second and third wrapping that I decided I wanted to use some small assorted wooden hearts I originally bought for the wedding and never used.

I decided to make the hearts into ‘everyday’ type things, using the hearts as the objects with the plan to then add little details to accentuate. At first I thought how lovely it would be to stitch the accents in. I still think it would be lovely. Unfortunately, I am not the best at sewing, and I actually did try it but the fabric was already glued to the boards and it was just an utter disaster, and I don’t have one of those hoop things that you need for needlepoint projects and I think I’ve made enough excuses for myself, thank you.

What I did have, however, was fabric paint (not pictured in the materials picture because I didn’t know I’d be using it).

This took me five minutes, it would’ve added like three hours if I decided to stitch it (haha, hey, I said I was bad). While the fabric paint was drying I glued fabric onto the little hearts and then hot glued them onto the boards.

How subtly sweet.

Do you heart art?


Update (Feb, 10): I made the cut! I got the number one project for the Valentine’s Day Challenge at The CSI Project! Thanks to everyone at The CSI Project and the guest judge, Patty from How Sweet it is!


Submitted to The CSI Project’s Valentine’s Day Challenge!
csi project

And Through the Craft Room Door Challenge Blog!

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