Heart Art, the Second Part


Here’s the first part, in case you missed it!

I spent more time making Valentine’s Day decorations this year, probably because I didn’t spend one minute making valentines for anyone (sad face). I like to try to keep on top of that stuff, but I suppose you can’t do everything, can you?

I had the idea for this one at the same time as the other, I’d say this one might be a little harder… (maybe?) if you want it measure it and make it look perfect.

Simple materials, an old frame, a piece of cardboard fitted for that frame, some fabric (I chose burlap this time…shocker!) and some ribbon or string (I chose white yarn).

I made a little heart template the size I wanted and traced it onto the cardboard, then glued on the burlap on the side opposite of the traced heart. I attempted to trace lines where I would like the yarn to go, but they ended up pretty crooked, which is why I suppose my heart came out a little crooked.

I poked holes in the cardboard and through the burlap along the lines and weaved the yarn through it. (There’s a hole puncher pictured in my materials picture that I ended up not using by the way, it was too big and would’ve left gaping holes. That’s something else to keep in mind when you pick out a fabric, the burlap was nice because there are already holes in it that I could use, where a solid piece of cotton fabric (for example) would need actual holes poked through.)

I got both impatient and lazy and started to skip lines… or maybe I realized I was going crooked and attempted to get back on track… maybe a little of both.

But was able to fix it (kind of) in the end. Think of all of the different fabric and ribbon combos you could use! Another easy, versatile project, brought to you by the bear.

Happy Heart Day!






Linking up to the Hearts Only Challenge at The CSI Project!
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