Reduce, Reuse, Regift!

What if I told you that you could save the planet, one baked good at a time?

You heard me. Would you like to know the only other thing I love more than giving someone a gift? It’s making that gift for that person.

Ah, the ol’ recipe in a jar gift, a classic. A nice, homemade way to say “Hey, you look like you want to bake something. Here, now you’re halfway there.”

Next time you feel like saying that to a friend, why not put a little twist on it by encouraging your friend to spread the love!

Once you’ve baked your goodness, refill it (all of the ingredients are listed), regift it (use the same tag and recipe, or make your own!) and inspire the recipient to do the same!

Recipe’s in a jar are simple enough to make, if you have the perfect sized jar right off the bat. It’s finding the right sized jar that’s the hard part. I had to eat sacrifice a batch of cookies when I realized the jar was WAY to big for the size recipe I had. Then I had to do math (ugh) and increase all of the ingredients by a half, because doubling it would’ve made it too much for the jar. So now that recipe is ridiculous (and if you are someone who receives that jar and refills it and is like wtf is up with these stupid measurements? It’s because I had to do it that way in order for it to fit in that stupid jar!).

Just measure out your jars before you start to fill them, okay?  I used two 6 cup jars and one 3 cup. Filling them is the fun part.

Some things should be separate. In my choconana muffin recipe, you cream the sugar in with the butter at the beginning. It would be nearly impossible to separate the sugar if it’s not packaged separately.

I just used a ziplock sandwich bag, cut off the ziplock part and tied it shut. This was also the method I chose when adding nuts to the brownie batch, some people just don’t like them and would rather not include them, this gives them that option.

To making wrapping easier, secure a rubber band around the jar, tie your bow, and remove the band!

I made the little cards with cardstock, glue and a template I made myself. Here’s a blank one and here’s one that’s got directions on it.

I used my choconana muffin recipe in a 3 cup jar.
The brownie recipe in a 6 cup jar
And a modified version of my delishies in a 6 cup jar.

If you’ve got those sized jars and would like the templates with these recipes, feel free to send a message or leave a comment and I’ll hook you up!

Regifting at it’s yummiest!

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Heart Art, the Second Part


Here’s the first part, in case you missed it!

I spent more time making Valentine’s Day decorations this year, probably because I didn’t spend one minute making valentines for anyone (sad face). I like to try to keep on top of that stuff, but I suppose you can’t do everything, can you?

I had the idea for this one at the same time as the other, I’d say this one might be a little harder… (maybe?) if you want it measure it and make it look perfect.

Simple materials, an old frame, a piece of cardboard fitted for that frame, some fabric (I chose burlap this time…shocker!) and some ribbon or string (I chose white yarn).

I made a little heart template the size I wanted and traced it onto the cardboard, then glued on the burlap on the side opposite of the traced heart. I attempted to trace lines where I would like the yarn to go, but they ended up pretty crooked, which is why I suppose my heart came out a little crooked.

I poked holes in the cardboard and through the burlap along the lines and weaved the yarn through it. (There’s a hole puncher pictured in my materials picture that I ended up not using by the way, it was too big and would’ve left gaping holes. That’s something else to keep in mind when you pick out a fabric, the burlap was nice because there are already holes in it that I could use, where a solid piece of cotton fabric (for example) would need actual holes poked through.)

I got both impatient and lazy and started to skip lines… or maybe I realized I was going crooked and attempted to get back on track… maybe a little of both.

But was able to fix it (kind of) in the end. Think of all of the different fabric and ribbon combos you could use! Another easy, versatile project, brought to you by the bear.

Happy Heart Day!






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Heart Art

It’s the follydays!

Probably my favorite time of year, it’s the dark time inbetween when the real holidays end and whenever the heck Easter is. We just make up our own holidays by stealing holidays from other countries, adding a little ‘merican twist and just using them as excuses to “celebrate” something (maybe?) by buying overpriced stuff and usually drinking.

That’s the part I like (I mean the drinking), well that and the crafting.

In all honesty, it’s a nice excuse to finally clear out winter decor and add something new. I like subtle decorations, if you missed my magnets from last year, check them out! Those things were so subtle Tyler didn’t even notice them (I think I normal person might have noticed them though). So this year I continued on my subtly relevant theme. (how many times did I say subtle?)

I had a glimmer of an idea but in the beginning really had no clue what I was going to do. Thankfully, through a series of failures, flops and surprisingly no alcohol, heart art was born.

I have a collection of unused picture frames that I refuse to get rid of unless I’m positive there is absolutely no way it can be used in the future. When you draw, paint, photograph and craft however, there are endless possibilities for frames. So the true problem really isn’t my stack of unused frames (acquired through my inability to say no to a free frame a friend is giving away or ten cent frame day at the thrift store. Yes, ten cents.) that are taking up space, but instead the lack of appropriate wall space.

So yeah, the frames were a good place to start. I found one I liked and that fit in my desired location (top of a bookshelf).

What appears to be a pile of laundry is in fact, a pile of old (chill out, it’s clean) laundry that I saved to use as fabric for a moment like this (stuff I never wore but either liked the pattern or kept just because it was a solid color… because I’m cheap and fabric is expensive!). At this point all that I new is that I wanted to take the glass off of the frame and do three pieces of 3D heart art in each section.

Something to keep in mind: The frame was nice for a piece like this because it came matted and bordered already (the white part that separates the three pictures is the matting and the black outline around each individual picture is the border). That’s a lot of measuring and cutting and annoying if you have to do it yourself.

I cut cardboard to fit each section of the frame and picked a neutral background fabric.

Wrapping and gluing the fabric was just like wrapping a present. Make sure it’s nice and tight so there aren’t any wrinkles or extra fabric hanging loose in the front.

It was somewhere inbetween the second and third wrapping that I decided I wanted to use some small assorted wooden hearts I originally bought for the wedding and never used.

I decided to make the hearts into ‘everyday’ type things, using the hearts as the objects with the plan to then add little details to accentuate. At first I thought how lovely it would be to stitch the accents in. I still think it would be lovely. Unfortunately, I am not the best at sewing, and I actually did try it but the fabric was already glued to the boards and it was just an utter disaster, and I don’t have one of those hoop things that you need for needlepoint projects and I think I’ve made enough excuses for myself, thank you.

What I did have, however, was fabric paint (not pictured in the materials picture because I didn’t know I’d be using it).

This took me five minutes, it would’ve added like three hours if I decided to stitch it (haha, hey, I said I was bad). While the fabric paint was drying I glued fabric onto the little hearts and then hot glued them onto the boards.

How subtly sweet.

Do you heart art?


Update (Feb, 10): I made the cut! I got the number one project for the Valentine’s Day Challenge at The CSI Project! Thanks to everyone at The CSI Project and the guest judge, Patty from How Sweet it is!


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Revisiting Repurposing

You betta get some condiments, cause this bear is on a roll.

Well, to most bloggers, four posts in three weeks isn’t that big of a deal. I’m happy to be checking these old projects off of my list, however. So we’ll call it a roll for me.

Remember these beauts?

Necklace holders I made some time ago, one of my favorite projects to date. I decided to make some earring and bracelet holders to go along with them. Although I do think they do well on their own, when materials and inspiration both fall onto your lap, it’s hard to stay no.

While packing up some of my old stuff from my parent’s place, I came across these small shelves I used for little tea sets I had as a kid.

But more importantly, these cheap frames, bought years ago from IKEA.

Do you have old picture frames in a box or back of a closet somewhere that are just sitting there, completely unused and begging for attention? Oh… you’re not a hoarder and you donate or get rid of things you don’t use anymore? I see… well, in that case… do you have a bunch of jewelery that you would like to display on something you made yourself? Well, good for you! You’re in luck!

Boom. Bracelet and earring holders.

(sorry about the glare in some of these pictures, there is a large window just to the left)

I guess I didn’t take my standard “materials picture” for this project, but along with what’s mentioned above, they went as follows; burlap, ribbon, paint, hot glue gun and small hooks.

For the earring holder, I painted both frames brown and glued burlap to the plastic that came with the frame (instead of glass… I told you they were cheap).

Add ribbon and glue, make sure the ribbon is glued on tight, if there are going to be several pairs of earrings on them, they’ll sag if it’s loose.

Pop the burlap (you could use any fabric by the way, this matched my color scheme and I had it on hand) into the frame as you would a picture, secure it in place and you’re done.

Onto the bracelet holders!

Hooks and small shelves were painted.

Then screwed in, haha, that’s it.

These were super easy! The most time consuming parts are waiting for the paint to dry and leveling them out while hanging them. Alternatively, if your picture frame has a stand you could make a standing earring holder.

Either way, this was a quick and easy project that could spruce up any vanity or dresser-top while still being functional.

Happy Repurposing!



Yes, snowflaces.

Because they are snowflakes… made of laces. I know what you’re thinking while you’re rolling your eyes, “Lizzeh, are you going to combine words and make up punny titles for the rest of your blogging life?

Uh…yes. I know they’re lame sometimes, but I can’t stop and I won’t stop. It’s who I am.

Onto the snowflaces, these were so ridiculously easy you guys.  I thought it was going to be a long process involving a lot of lace scraps, Mod Podge, wax paper and hours of drying, but man, (and I can’t believe I’m about to say this) I was wrong. When I got to my lace basket, filled with other people’s leftovers that I acquired at the thrift store,  I realized I had more lace ‘ribbon’ rather than large lace scraps.

These pretty little things squashed my not-really-good-anyway plan. I started working with them a bit and realized they needed a base, when I was searching through my crafts I stumbled upon some metal rings I had bought back when I was bookin’ it.

I only had three left so I sliced a cardboard tube I had (knew there was a reason to keep that thing) and grabbed some wire as well, I figured I’d give all three a shot.

Weave the lace onto the ring. For the finer laces I used the wire because it was thinner and easier to maneuver while weaving.  I used the cardboard rings for the thickest and heaviest ribbons. Spread it out around the ring so that it lays flat. Cut where necessary and glue. That’s it, you guys. That’s it. Now you have these pretty little snowflakes that you can do whatever you want with.

Pretty cute, right? Make them into ornaments, string them up around the house, turn them into magnets or use as table decor, place markers, use them to spruce up gifts or even put on a greeting card. Woah… I just gave myself a bunch of ideas. Hope you’re inspired too!

Happy Flacing!


The Motherload of Magnet Mondays

Do not ask, and ye shall receive anyway.

I’ve done it. I’ve finished another year long project (mini cheer!). I’m talking about the Monthly Magnets! Remember those? Remember when I started it, and made it like a big thing, and then missed a few months and came back with high hopes and nice enthusiasm and then… well, who can remember what happened after that.

If you’re new to my Monthly Magnet thing, it’s a fun DIY project with velcro magnets that are swapped out every month. The lovely thing about them is that you can make them whatever you want and out of whatever you have.

I used a lot of paper, felt, cardboard, fabric paint, strings, ribbons, wires and a buttload of glue but like I said, the supplies are limitless!

We last left off in July (oh, brother) so I have August to this not-so-merry month of January.


Fishing pole and fish (2 magnets)
Beach ball


Apple pie
School books
Autumn Leaves

I cheated on this one. I thought it is an appropriate seasonal magnet I’m pretty lazy so I decided to have this one for September, October and November.


Witch hat



Pilgrim hat



Jingle bells



Snowflake chain (2 magnets)
New year (2 magnets)

January has two two-fers, so it’s the month with the least amount of pizazz, but I’m okay with that. I made the “1” and “4” spots Velcro as well, so I’ll be able to change it throughout the years. I also made myself a few extra numbers, so Future Liz is going to be really proud of Past Liz when she doesn’t have to make cardboard glitter numbers for the next few years. I also have the hopes to remake the snowflakes. I had fun making the paper ones, it’s been years since I’ve done that, but I’d like to make something prettier and more durable.


Yeah! I did it! Another project bites the dust.











Summer Salutations

Summertime, and the livin’ is easily breezily.

There are so many awesome things about summer; the sunshine, the trees and flowers all in bloom, the way it’s socially acceptable to consume alcoholic beverages before noon. There are some things that aren’t so awesome about summer; the bugs, the humidity, the way you feel the day after your decide it’s a good idea to drink before noon.

One thing that’s awesome anytime of the year is getting mail!

‘Snail Mail’, as it’s known, is dying out man. Let’s bring it back! It’s such a nice little surprise when you receive something in the mail, don’t you want to give that incredible feeling to those that you care about the most? Remember, sharing is caring!

Although I don’t think I’ve ever really blogged about it, I have been somewhat into card making (meaning I make them when I need them)  for the past two years or so. I handmade all of our ‘Save the Dates’, invitations, reply cards and ‘Thank You’ Cards (and all of the envelopes) for the wedding.


I made ‘Thank You’ cards for my girlfriends after my bacherlorette party.

I even managed to get a few Valentine’s Day cards out this year.

Although making your own cards takes a considerable amount of time, it’s something that I think is worth it. I enjoy experimenting with new techniques and making the cards individual and unique to their recipients.

I’m particularly proud of this batch of summer birthday cards that I made, which is why I’m excited to share.

Supplies for this project are pretty basic. You’ll need paper for the card, more paper to line the inside of the card, ribbon, glue, buttons and a needle and thread.

You’ll want green ribbon and another color of your choice. Make sure the green is a smaller width than the other color. The green will be the leaves and the other color ribbon is your flower petals. For glue, you’ll want both hot glue and a glue stick. To each her own, but I’ve been using this kind of Elmer’s glue stick since I’ve started and it hasn’t failed me yet. I like the stick too because it’s not as messy, I think it dries faster than liquid glue, but I’ve never really tested that theory so don’t hold me to it.

You’ll need to start with the stem of the flower first, this is stitched into the card. Now don’t freak out- this isn’t intense needlework by any means. This is a basic ‘running stitch’ and the only reason I know that’s what it’s called is because I just looked it up. That should tell you how much I know about what I’m doing here.

A few notes:

  •  I had normal thread so I had to quadruple up on it so it would be nice and thick, this prevents me from going back and forth through the same holes four times. If you have embroidery thread, that would be better to use.
  • Make sure both ends of the thread are on the inside of the card, and don’t worry if when you tie it off it looks sloppy inside- you’ll cover it up in the next step.
  • Needle size isn’t really important, just make sure you’re big enough for the thread to follow through, but not so big that there are gaping holes in your card.
  • Unless you want a squiggly stem, do your best to stitch in a straight line. I was lucky enough to haven chosen card stock that provides me with lines to follow. You can always draw a line using a ruler, or eyeball it if you’re that good. (I’m not, the lines saved me).

Take your ‘lining’ paper and glue it into the inside of your card. Most of the time I just use computer paper to line the inside and cardstock as the outside of the card (that’s because I’m cheap). I typically make the liner smaller than the cardstock, so the cardstock almost borders the inside of the card.

If you plan on writing on the left side of the card, I’d suggest you do it now. Once the flower gets glued on the outside it won’t be flat, making it difficult to write.

Onto the flower! I chose to go for a five petaled flower with a button in the center. You’ll want a ribbon that is at least an inch wide. Cut your petals to be between 1-1½ inches long and between ½-1 inch wide. It doesn’t have to be exact, work around the size of your button too, if you have a bigger button make bigger petals. Smaller button, smaller petals- you get the idea.

Pinch and glue one tip of the petal to make them look like this. Don’t worry if the pinched part looks sloppy, the button will cover it up.

Speaking of buttons, you’ll want to choose yours wisely. If you plan on mailing the card, you may want to choose a smaller, thinner button. If your envelope exceeds a certain thickness you’ll have to throw an extra stamp on there, so just be aware of that.

Flip your button upside-down and hot glue the petals on.

Once you’re done with the flower, it’s time to make the little bow that will represent the leaves. Here’s a quick bow tutorial in case you were wondering how to make one.

You’ll need two strips of the ribbon. Fold and glue one strip length-wise, this will be the piece that wraps around the center. Take the other strip and curl it around to make an oval, glue to secure.

Pinch and glue the center of the oval piece as shown.

Take the same area that you just glued and pinch and glue again.

Now take the folded strip of ribbon and wrap it around the center. Glue and trim to complete the bow.

Hot glue the flower and bow onto the front of your card, and there you have it, summer salutations!

Start sending out some love!


Most Patriotic Magnet Monday Yet

Happy Canada Day!

Not only is it the first day and the first Monday in July, but to top it off I’m also delivering on my Monthly Magnets! I am excited about some of these in particular because they are personal to both of us individually.

Simple and made of felt, these little flags will be flapping on the fridge all month long!
(Yes, that American flag is flapping in the breeze, not sloppy and crooked.)

The gem this month, a campfire is a necessity in my summers. Unfortunately, in a condo, we are unable to have our own… until now. Made out of sticks and ribbon, this one suits us fine.

What goes along better with campfires than smores? (Okay, maybe bug spray too.) This one is made with cardboard crackers and cloth marshmallow and chocolate.

Man, I love summer.


Multiple Month Make-Up Magnet Monday

It’s back!

I’m only two months late, but I’m making up for with with back-to-back Magnet Mondays. This week I have to play catch up with May and June’s magnets, and next week ‘ll kick off summer right by decorating my fridge with new July magnets (I know, exciting stuff. But actually I am pretty proud of the July ones.).


It was someone’s birthday last month, what a nice way to spice things up!

May flower, brought to you by the April showers.

Can’t have the flowers without these little guys!


I made this cute little kite with fabric, toothpicks and string. It flies off of the fridge with the help of a twist-tie that I shaped into a spring.

Chalkboards were a big part of the decor in our wedding. Since June is our anniversary month I decided to dedicate two of our magnets to it.

Stay tuned for next month’s magnets!